The types of workplace bullying

We spend a large chunk of our lives in our workplace. This could be an office, a factory, a warehouse or a restaurant. It is not only a place that takes up our time, but is somewhere that we want to do well, to have a career, and above else earn some money.

The majority of people know that whilst there are plenty of other places that you would rather be, work is somewhere that you have to go. This means that you will want to try and make it as bearable as possible whilst you are there.

The last thing that you will want is to be bullied during your working hours. It may seem that this is something that rarely happens, but bullying in the workplace is more common than you may realise.

In fact, sometimes you, or a colleague is being bullied, and you don’t even realise. So, to help you identify workplace bullying we have put together some of the most common forms that it can take.

The Joker

It seems that everyone has someone in their workplace who thinks they are funny. There is nothing wrong with a touch of good humour, but there are some people who can take it a little bit too far. If you are at the end of someone’s pranks or jokes on a regular basis, you can start to feel that they are targeting you, and chances are that they are. This doesn’t necessarily make them a bully, but it means that they are exhibiting behaviours which are not appropriate.

The Saboteur

Have you ever worked really hard to complete a project only to have someone else swoop in to take all the credit? This type of person is a saboteur and it is a form of workplace bullying. Not only are they likely to take credit for your ideas or effort, but they are also the type of person who will find ways to make it hard for you to succeed and progress in your career. Just so that they can get ahead of you.

The Critic

We all need to take some constructive feedback from time to time, but is there someone in your workplace who is only too quick to pass on their judgement of what you are doing? This type of person will try to find flaws in everything and will make a point of letting you as well as everyone else know that they do not rate your work.

The Gossip

No-one wants to think that someone at work would spread a malicious rumour about you, although from time to time this could happen. Someone who gossips might not think that their behaviour is inappropriate, but talking about you behind your back is not something that they should be doing.

No matter the form it comes in. Obvious or not. The important thing to remember is that you don’t have to put up with workplace bullying. Either speak to your line manager, or if you are not happy to do this then speak to someone in HR. They can tell you what to do, who to speak to and how you can ensure that the problem doesn’t grow and have an impact on your mental health.