Email counselling

Email counselling will allow you to talk to a qualified therapist via email at your own time.



E-mail counselling will allow you to take the time to reflect on your feelings and putting them into written words will not only be a therapeutic process in itself, but it will also help your therapist to dive in your thoughts without missing any details and unveiling the real source of your turmoil. While the interaction takes place asynchronously through the Internet (i.e. not in real-time), email counselling is evidence-based and is a highly effective way to receive mental health support with 5 main advantages over other modes of therapy:


  1. You have the time to reflect on your own feelings and thoughts, at your own pace and when you most feel the need to unload.


  1. Putting your thoughts and feelings on paper (or in an email!) is by itself highly therapeutic, whether you click ‘send’ or not! It is a way to acknowledge and validate your feelings and thoughts and it can also give you some perspective on the situation.


  1. You don’t need to try and remember that thing your therapist said that really resonated with you, you actually have a trace of it! Having your therapist’s words at hand could truly help you in getting out of that dark place by yourself whenever you find yourself there.


  1. It is available worldwide, 24/7.


  1. Email counselling offers a lot of flexibility, as there is no need to book an appointment, and you can work on writing your email over a period of days, just like journaling. Once you’ve sent it, your therapist will allocate an hour of therapy to carefully read it, reflect on what you have written and provide a therapeutic answer to it. This also means that your therapist has more time to reflect on a more meaningful answer dedicated to you and your situation only.



Extra privacy, and extra security.

While our telephone counselling platform also offers 100% confidential counselling support, you can be assured that Email counselling is as safe. It uses an encrypted method to mediate the interaction between the therapist and yourself. You will have a free encrypted email account dedicated to your therapy. This adds a layer of extra privacy to your communications. In addition, email counselling might be useful when you’re afraid that people around you may hear you in what would have been a verbal conversation with a therapist.


Where to start?

You are welcome to start typing about anything, just unload as you feel the words are coming to you (and we don’t care about typos!). You may wish to include your age, relationship status, your interests, and a brief history. You can, for example, share what your area of concern is, how the problem has affected you and the thoughts and feelings surrounding that. It is your space to share your emotions with your very own caring and empathetic therapist.


Can I choose my counsellor?

At the moment only a selection of therapists offers email counselling through our platform. However, you can look at their profiles and if you feel you might click with one in particular, you can request your email to be sent to them.


How much does email counselling cost?

At the moment we offer packs of 5 sessions. Each session includes an email of up to 1,000 words and an answer from your therapist. The cost of 5 sessions is £145 (£29 per session). You can also buy 1 session for £32.25. 


Number of sessions