Telephone Counselling and Online Counselling - How it works?

The first thing you should know is that our telephone counselling service is entirely confidential and the calls are never listened or recorded. Our counsellors and psychotherapists are UK-based professionals and qualified under the British standards. They follow their British professional body code of ethics, and therefore they will not breach confidentiality unless an individual is deemed a danger to themselves or anybody else.


Online therapy? Telephone therapy? Are they effective? Can they help me with my issues? These are common questions that anyone considering online and telephone counselling had in their minds before.






There are many advantages to online and telephone therapy: it’s easy to access and it's usually more affordable than traditional face-to-face counselling. There is also the added benefit of a near elimination of social stigma, due to its anonymous nature. Many people open up more easily when doing telephone therapy, as not seeing the person lets you be more direct and open about your issues and feelings. There are other pros and cons with this type of therapy, and we asked one of our counsellors to discuss them more in detail on our blog.


Telephone Counselling. What does the evidence say?

There are several studies that support the effectiveness of online and telephone therapies:


  • Telephone counselling has been found to be beneficial and satisfactory at improving the specific issue that led to counselling and a global improvement in the emotional state. (American Psychological Association, 2002).
  • People have the same levels of satisfaction with online/telephone therapy as with face-to-face therapy, and technology-mediated therapies are just as effective (American Psychiatric Association, 2007).


One of the main advantages of Instant Counselling is that you can talk to the counsellor of your choice instantly, without needing any appointments. Accessing our service is also quite simple. No need to open an account or fill in questionnaires. Our counselling service does not require any subscriptions either, so you can truly stop using the service whenever you want. Changing counsellors is also a straight forward process: just call a different counsellor next time that you use our service. 


You should also know that all our counsellors are insured, fully trained and qualified. So why not choose yours now and start feeling better.



Follow these 3 simple steps to be connected instantly with the counsellor of your choice.
Choose a counsellor that is available
and make a note of their PIN.
Select a pack with the duration of the session.
Following payment, a code is sent to you via email and SMS.
You can now call a counsellor on
The greeting voice will ask you the PIN of the counsellor and the code that was sent to you via email and SMS.

Choose your pack

Please note that you don’t have to use your minutes all at once! You can re-use your remaining minutes later to call any of the counsellors.
25 min
$ 2.00 / min
50 min
$ 1.50 / min
100 min
$ 1.25 / min