Accepting the end of a relationship

Accepting the end of a relationship is never easy, especially when one or both of you didn’t want it to end.

Not accepting that a relationship is over will be more frustrating and painful in the long run. It is clear that when we experience a breakup, we will need some time to accept that who used to be our partner no longer will be, and that’s okay.

Things happen for a reason and whatever the reason was, the decision was made for the best. You have to accept the reason that made the relationship end and start your healing for the better. You will feel better than you do now, there are a lot of things coming after this person.  


   | A breakup doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not going to see your ex ever again, just for at least a period of time.



Feeling your emotions is needed for you to move on and start your healing process. Normalise crying and feeling low, let your emotions out.


Set firm boundaries

One of the things that makes accepting a breakup harder is when boundaries aren’t set. Being on and off with someone, will only make things more hurtful for both. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you shouldn’t discuss unresolved issues or that a reconciliation can’t happen. But, once a relationship has ended, cutting contact with them for a reasonable period of time will help the healing of both. 

What happens if one of us doesn’t respect boundaries? When one or both breaks the set boundaries, most of the times this will interrupt the healing of the other, purely because it takes time to be ready to talk to an ex.


Start your healing process 

Once the boundaries have been set and you have grieved it is time to start recovering and discovering what’s after your ex. This doesn’t mean that you’re not going to feel low ever again or overthink about the breakup. We will talk about it in “There’s a reason why”.

During the healing you need to focus on yourself. Practising self-care, journaling, staying active, meditating, spending time on hobbies. 


There’s a reason why

There will be moments when you will need to remember what happened was for a reason. Put things into perspective and be honest with yourself remembering those issues that got to ending the relationship. 

Because there will be moments when suddenly you’ll feel low and you will not want to accept the end of a relationship. Another moment when you’ll need to put things into perspective is if your ex contacts you and you might not be ready for it. Staying strong and remembering the reasons why this relationship didn’t work are what you have to remember.


When you feel ready 

Spend some quality time with your friends, doing what you like the most. Whether that is going for a hike, clubbing, dinner, or a weekend away.

Meet new people, join a meetup group with relevant interests to you or have an excuse ready to go meet someone new. 


Talk to a professional 

After the end of a relationship we are more vulnerable and things that didn’t used to affect us might do now. There’s a lot of mental health support out there here is a list of mental health support in the UK you might find useful. 


If you are looking for instant mental health support visit – Instant Counselling